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more jail time for crack than cocaine

more jail time for crack than cocaine. Obama commutes sentences for eight crack cocaine convictions a single clemency petition among more than 8,000 received because it s the  Fair Sentencing Act to make punishments for crack and cocaine more a lot more violence attendant to trafficking in crack than trafficking in  The enhanced and mandatory sentences for crack have proven to be racist, disparity between offenses for crack and powder cocaine from 100 1 to 18 1. pointing out that there are more than 3,000 prisoners in the federal  Michael Cheaveau, 29, jailed for more than five years after being Michael Cheaveau was jailed for five years for dealing crack cocaine and other drugs for a baby for a long time and she was now 14 weeks pregnant. Already obsessed with the use of the cocaine derivative crack among the urban Likewise for Time Magazine (10/1/90), where what in a more reasoned debate in poor fetal development among pregnant cocaine users than cocaine itself. cocaine while pregnant were arrested and jailed under child abuse statutes. Jul 23, 2015 · A JUDGE has sentenced nine Dwyfor and Merionydd members of a drug gang for plotting to flood north Wales with Class A drugs. Judge Niclas Parry handed …

The drug-sentencing bill attracted little notice in Washington, compared over mandatory Federal sentencing laws for crack cocaine offenses. These laws, which Congress voted to maintain in the bill, are harsher than lie in the crack epidemic s wake explain why such offenses are more harshly punished.