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mysql using keyword as column name

how to pass a table name dynamically in mysql using jdbc String query What are the risks of using the same keyword of MySQL as table column I already  When we use USING clause, that particular column name should be present in both tables, and the SELECT query will automatically join those tables using the 

mysql using keyword as column name. My understanding is that using reserved words as column names is allowable as long as they are quoted. I am trying to create a table After a few minutes it came to my mind that the column name interval might be a keyword in MySQL. So googling around I found out that I was  Incidentally, we had decided to name one of our columns “right,” which turned out to be one of MySQL s reserved keywords. Once we changed  How to get the name attached to an id in another table mysql php - posted in PHP Applications Hello, I am having a little problem. I have a listing table and would I want to name my mysql table column names using camel case and create I am trying to pull data out of my database using keywords in my item name column using … INTERVAL is a reserved keyword and must be quoted to be used as an identifier mysql For example, COUNT is acceptable as a column name. However, by  Hi, I have an access database which uses the dask character for table names and field names. In Access I just using the brackets, for instance SELECT FROM Can I do